2012年9月28日 星期五

Anger Management

If you are a patient in a moment of anger , you will escape a hundred days of sorrow.
>>> before making a angry , think about a moment and take action can help you deal with different situation well.

Are you a patient person >>>No, I am not , but recently I try to control my temper to deal with anything to being a patient.

What do you do when you feel very angry with something>>> I would keep silence and transfer my thinking positive.

Proverb: offer a practical advise to correct someone's behavier
hatred: a feeling of intense dislike
trigger: 觸發
cope: deal with something
have you ever experienced any above emotions? explain...
anger: if someone try to challenge me , it would make me anger.
jealousy:if someone is richer than I , I feel jealousy a little bit.

have a good way to release your anger???
>>> Recently I try to a great way to release my anger that is breath deeply and calm down lead me to a positive thinking.

To see red>>> very angry.
I was see red when someone hit my car.

Getting on my nervous >> someone doing something to bother you.
My neighborhood's children are playing in the garden and they really getting on my nervous with their shouting and screaming .

Make one's blood boil>>> very angry
if I see someone using their phone while driving , it make me blood boil.

Go ballistic>>> means someone violently and uncontrollably
before going ballistic, I just want you know it was a accident.

Burst a blood vessel>>> become very angry and start to shout.
my mom nearly burst a blood vessel , when I crashed her car.

2012年9月26日 星期三

Analogy and understanding

Glove : when you clean the house need to wear it to protect.
author : a person who write a book for people to read
enormous : very big = extremely huge.
terrified: make a afraid / horrible
jungle : a lot big creature live there like the forest.
critical thinking: thinking that is very clear and rational  in order to solve problems.
context : related information can leading you to understand the meaning

They use this critical thinking in the school with children, do you think that is a good idea?
>> yes, it is , it could training the reflect for children and leading them to associate with the relationship from 2 different things

What type of everyday problem you have to encounter at work? how do you normally handle these problem?
>>>>every day I have to encounter work is how to reach the goal for customer. Customer adjust their daily schedule of shipment and pull-in the material from us ,besides, I have to try to fulfill their demand and benefit from them.

When you have a difficult situation or problem that you don't know how to solve , what do you do?
>>> I would try to solve it by myself if the result was fail, I will seek the assistance from others and discuss with my coworker and find out the solution.

Have you ever been to ocean? have you ever seen the dolphin or whale? if you have the chances to swim with them , would you ? explain .....
>>> One time I have seen the dolphin dump into the water when we took the boat to be resort.
before swimming with them , I would consider to get the permission license for snorkeling and explore under the water.

In your own words, describe an analogy is and why your children should learn them?
>>> analogy is relationship between 2 difference things .All children should learn them because they can help to leading them to think correctly and logic to analyze and figure out the problem.

2012年9月25日 星期二

Ant and chrysalis ---- Fable

Moral :
disdainfully >> A men disdainfully flatters.

Fables are stories are used in western culture to teach people how good things can benefit them and how bed things can harm them.

Have you ever met someone and felt pity for him or her?
we often can see the disable people who need to help on the street , I usually show my sympathy to help them like donate some money to charity.

appearance are deceptive 外表是需為的~
>>> don't judge a book with its cover.>>> don't judge a person from his or her appearance

a few days after, when the ant passed that way again, nothing but the shell remained.
wondering what had become of its contents. he felt himself suddenly shaded and fanned by gorgeous winds of beautiful butterfly.
Behold in me >>> Look at me.
your much pity friend ! boast now of your power run and claim as long as you can get me to listen.

2012年9月20日 星期四


Make a statement >>> 陳敍宣言

Make a fashion statement >>> 流行宣言

Make mission company statement >>> 公司聲明

Radiation >> 輻射

2012年9月18日 星期二

shopping online

customer can also benefit from online shopping as it affords them the opportunity to make purchase from the convenience of their own. when shopping online , you do not have to deal with traffic jams , crowded in store and other headaches that come with shopping in a store.

stay positive>>>
disposition >>> a positive attitude and a friendly disposition during the interview will help you and the interviewer feel relaxed .

overhead >>> my overhead like electricity is less than last month, our government can give a discount for this month .

prospective >>> last quarter was prospective bad.

2012年9月13日 星期四

Communicate between manager and employee

Are you managing a lot of employee right now?

what is communication gap?
>>> Communication might be not connected , how do we try to improve it?
Boss will never know what the staff really need.


assume= speculation

pick on = blame

Incompetent = lacking skill to do a job or task.

Initiative = a project which a company wants to begin.

communication gap?? how to improve?/
>> never assume they understand that everyone understand you.
you need to ask your staff  whether what you said was clear or if more explanation is necessary?

2012年9月12日 星期三

Look at the big picture

Picture >>> what something is really like
寫照/ 敍述

get a picture >>> understand>> I get a picture , you won't be able to attend this party.

Look at the big picture >>> 以大局為重

wandering >>> 漂泊的

associate + with = connect with = relate with

journey + to == this guy will journey to many different countries to perform.

pass down = 傳承 pass this to next generation

brief = very short.

tale = stroy

Is failure the mother of success?

if you fail a lot, you have to try harder until you will be success....

what kind of solution would you use the expression?
>>> face the bed economic , my sister was laid off and she was looking for a new job, but no one wanted to hire her

Do not pull your egg in the one basket.
>> My mother has an experienced stockbroker who claim to be a master of speculation.
it is wiser to divide her budget into many small groups instead of placing her bet entirely on the same company.

Venturing a small fish to catch great one.
my sister's coffee shop was on the verge of bankruptcy. she thought her budget no longer enough to sustain the operation of shop.A friend told her that she should let the public have a taste of her recipe by giving out free samples instead of insisting on selling her coffee for big buck.

2012年9月7日 星期五

Paralympic Ceremony

the article was post by http://www.london2012.com/paralympics/spectators/ceremonies/closing-ceremony/index.html

spectator >>> audience 觀眾
spectacular >>> 壯觀
flame >>>火焰
march >>> 遊行
producer >>> 演出者
extinguishing >>> 熄滅
delegation >> 代表團
intense >>> 強大的
Judo >>> 柔道
glory >>> 榮耀
respective >>> 個別的
feature >>> 特色
transformation >>> 轉變
approximately >>> 大約

March of the athletes

The flagbearers of the participating delegations enter the Stadium in single file, closely followed by the athletes – a show of unity after 11 days of intense competition.
After the Paralympic Flag has been lowered, the flag of the country hosting the next Summer Olympic Games (Brazil) will be raised. The Mayor of the Host City (London) then joins the President of the IPC on the rostrum and returns the Paralympic Flag to him. The President of the IPC then symbolically presents this to the Mayor of the next Host City of the Games (Rio de Janeiro).

Handover Ceremony

Extinguishing of the Flame

The Paralympic Flame, which has been burning in the Cauldron since the opening of the Games, is then extinguished – a poignant and moving moment for all those involved in the Games and the audience at large.

Creative team

A host of world-class British directors and producers are leading the artistic team to stage the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the London 2012 Games.
Artistic Director Kim Gavin is the creative force behind some of the biggest live events in recent years, including the Concert for Dian in 2007, the 2010 Help for Heroes concert and Take That’s critically acclaimed stadium tours – Circus in 2009 and Progress in 2011.

2012年9月5日 星期三

HIKE HIKE HIKE !!! How to cut down the utility bill for winter season

Vocabulary as following...

1. sufficient 效率
2. appliance 設備
3. cost- effective 成本效益
4. crevice 裂縫
5. ventilated 使通風
6. caulk 填細
7.radiator 暖熱機
8.thermostat 冷熱調節器
9.exclusively 唯一
10 in terms of >>> 就....方面 >>> 
the terms of money, he quit is rich, but  not in terms of happiness 

The winter gradually approach, the price of heating fuel and various utility has risen.
the reason alone is sufficient for us to start considering ways to cut down on our expenses on home utilities.

The advise in today's lesson will not only be useful in term of minimizing pollution on a globe scale, but it will also be useful for saving your money.

Which one of your appliance is costing you the most.
>>> The aircondition is costing me the most , in the summer, I have to turn it on to help me to do something.
If there is no air-conditioner , I will go crazy!!  Heat stoke (中暑)

what are some of major causes of higher than normal energy bill?
>>> if you leave rooms, we don't turn off the light , it add to our expenditures.

the three major cause of high energy bill are.....

1. Radiator or heater being left on for a long period of time. this usually happen because people tend to stay at home more often in the winter.

2. Increase of hot water usage ( who wants to take a bath in chilling water)

3. The number of family member staying in a house. (bill vary with the amount of people in a home)

How do you do in the winter to save on energy usage?
>>> To prevent , I turn off the heater and cover on my self with a lot of  blankets.
or lower down your heater by 2 degree , wear thick clothes.

The simple thing that you can do at home is to make sure you have proper insulation.
this can lower the cost of heating and cooling in your home.
1. caulking the crevice you can find in your home will also prevent from leaking out.
2. energy saving has become such a vital issue that grants from local government are new becoming more readily available for home improvement.

Solar energy is not common used in our home utility, because the expenditure of it is too high and then solar panel is not enough to offer the energy resource.

A programmable thermostat is a great way to make your home more energy efficient because it keeps the temperature lower when your away or asleep. it's more convenient because you don't need to adjust the temperature in your home manual.

make sure your appliances are unplugged , when they are not in use. be aware that even if your appliance are not turn on as long as they are plugged in, they are still using a small amount of energy.

2012年9月4日 星期二

shoot hoops

shoot hoops >>>投藍 >>> Let's shoot hoops on Sunday.

hand in the rim >>> 灌藍得分

swish >>> 空心球  >>> he swish.....

stop by >>> would you stop by when you are in the town?
open-air = outside

homemade >>自製的 >>>you can buy homemade cookie in the town.
buggy ride >>>馬車
route = path

take part in = 參加
bird in hand 掌中鳥
if you chest the rabbit both of  escape= 兩頭空

2012年9月3日 星期一

Money is the all roots of evil

Pressing >>> this project is pressing , it will be call a meeting right away.

Greed >>> His greed for money was his ruin.

Controversial >>> Everyone discuss the controversial topic in the office.

Change overnight >>> By engineer did a experiment the result was changed overnight.

Money makes the world go around

the love of money is roots of all evil
the sky's the limit

sell your soul

we can virtually buy anything we desire , as long as you have money.
but it sounds incredible , but people prepare to to sell the soul as long as they make a fast buck(fast dollars 容易賺來的錢/不擇手段)

our society has changed, in the past people would  help each other for free, if there is a pressing need. Nowadays people's need motivation is a big bank balance.

The downside is that greed override our moral judgement and genuine concern for a fellow human being.

do you think the writer is pessimist or realist?
>> I think the writer is being realist , everything that he said has happened around the world.